Found Rug 05



- Size Ø220CM

The Found Rug from the LOUISE ROE collection parades characteristics of the earth's soil layers. The terrestrial composition and the craftsmanship behind the fine, entirely handwoven wool, bestows the rug its iconic LOUISE ROE charisma.

Purchasable in varying sizes, this series includes both a rectangular and circular style

 The Found Rug is made by hand, meaning each product is unique. Hence there may be signs of irregularities in respect to size, color, and weaving.


To preserve the rug's authentic exterior, reduce the risk of staining, and ensure its fixed position, we highly recommend using an underlay.

There is no front or back to the Found Rug, meaning both sides can be placed either down or upwards facing. Nevertheless, we recommend turning over the rug approximately every six months.

Do not place the rug in direct sunlight.

Proceed with caution when vacuuming the rug. Do not clean the rug with the brushes of the vacuum cleaner when it is in the extended position. Instead, we advise giving it a gentle shake outside.