Discover our genuine textile array, encompassing rugs, handwoven from wool originating in the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, and cushions, thoughtfully fashioned in Belgium from a blend of felt and linen. 


Our selection of rugs parade the intricate artistry of hand-woven textiles: each article composed of premium wool. Offering exceptional comfort and endurance, the natural and visually graphic fibers impart a touch of luxury. Transform your living space with the comfort of locally-sourced, elegant rugs.  

Following these steps will help maintain the cleanliness and quality of your wool rug.

• Make sure to use the carpet underlay that comes with the Found rug.

• To preserve the rug’s exterior, reduce risk of staining and ensure its fixed position, we strongly recommend using an underlay. Both sides of the rug can be placed down or upwards facing, but we urge you to turn it over approximately every six months. 

• Vacuum regularly and carefully to remove loose dirt and debris.

• Immediately attend to spills by blotting with a clean cloth and mild detergent mixed with water.

• For a thorough clean, consider professional cleaning or use a rug cleaner designed for wool.

• Dry the rug completely, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources.

• Gently brush the rug with a soft-bristle brush to restore its texture.

• Practice regular maintenance and avoid placing heavy furniture on the rug.


Crafted from a blend of prime felt and linen, each cushion embodies a combination of sophistication and relaxation. The felt offers a soft tactile, whilst the linen bestows the pillow breathability. 

The series is proudly fashioned in Belgium, a country renowned for its rich heritage in textile manufacturing. With a deep-rooted commitment to quality and craftsmanship, each cushion is designed to surpass expectations of comfort, whilst endowing the living space visual appeal.


Follow these steps to keep your cushion clean and looking its best.

• Spot clean stains immediately by blotting them with a clean cloth.

• Handwash the cushion in lukewarm water and mild detergent.

• Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water.

• Air dry in a well-ventilated area.

• Optional: Iron on low to medium heat while slightly damp. 


Crafted from a combination of  high-quality felt and linen, each Heavy Cushion personifies an ideal blend of comfort and sophistication. The felt imparts a soft and tactile texture, whilst the linen bestows the article elegance. 

The array originates in Belgium, a country celebrated for its rich heritage in textile manufacturing. We embrace a deep-rooted commitment to quality and craftsmanship; each cushion is thereby meticulously designed to surpass expectations and bring charisma, amenity and functionality into your home. 


• Dust the shade using a soft cloth or vacuum with a brush attachment.

• For small stains, gently dab with mild soapy water on a cloth.

• Use a dry cleaning sponge for more thorough cleaning.

• Let the shade air dry completely before reattaching. 

• Regular dusting and spot cleaning will keep your linen lamp shade looking fresh.