Our Pillabout Table series is meticulously fashioned in Sweden by expert craftsmen who harness the innate appeal and resilience of European oakwood. Each table tells the tale of its tree - expressible in the varying grain patterns and natural hues. The oak’s personal traits emanate in each grand creation. 

Our wooden objects are available in a variety of stunning finishes, including a natural oil coat, as well as black and smoke stained tones.


Follow these steps to keep your oak wood table clean and well-maintained.

• Dust the table with a soft cloth or duster.

• Mix mild dish soap or wood cleaner with warm water.

• Dampen a cloth with the cleaning solution.

• Gently wipe the table, following the wood grain.

• Dry the table thoroughly with a clean cloth.

• Optionally, apply wood furniture polish for added shine and protection.

• Use coasters and placemats to prevent damage.

• Regularly dust the table to maintain cleanliness.

• Never place your table in direct sunshine.