THE ROE EATERY KIT - Fresh handmade pasta with braised Tuscan pork ragú

Louise Roe Copenhagen


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1 Kit = 2 Persons

Pickup between 4 and 6 PM
Delivery between 4 and 7 PM

We use meat from the lovely pigs at Hindsholm Grisen, they are free range and are living outside all year round for their entire life in natural surroundings. The pigs find a large part of their feed by themselves and are supplied with organic feed grown at the Hindsholm farm. This gives the meat a beautiful laced fat marbling, giving a delicious harmony between the meat and fat.

In our sauce we use bottled whole organic San Marzano tomatoes from the last summer harvest. Together with the tomatoes, we use what Italians call aromi", aromas, including fresh basil leaves and the holy Italian trinity soffritto” of vegetables: carrot, celery and onion. We add red wine to the ragú to give it a rich and deep flavor.

Dessert: Chocolate mousse & caramelized lavender almonds.

What does your ‘Roe Eatery Kit’ contain:

  • Fresh handmade pasta
  • Braised Tuscan pork ragú
  • Fresh herbs and lemon zest
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Garlic clove
  • Focaccia
  • Olives
  • Chocolate mousse & caramelized lavender almonds.

Everything should be kept in the fridge until preparation. 

ATT: Delivery is only in Copenhagen, Gentofte and Hellerup (Denmark)