THE ROE EATERY KIT - Reginette with Roasted Pumpkin puree & sage (Vegetarian)

Louise Roe Copenhagen




Delivery/pickup between 4 and 6 PM

Pasta with pumpkin or “pasta e cocozza” is a typical dish among Naples’ poor communities, it has survived to this day after being passed down by Neapolitan grandmothers. It may not be as famous as pizza or sfogliatelle, but it’s a mainstay of Naples’ multifaceted food culture. Pasta e cocozza, is one of those poor man’s dishes created to satisfy and satiate an entire family.

The dish is made using the cocozza squash, also known as bottle gourd or calabash – which can withstand winter’s first harsh drops in temperature and stands out for its slightly elongated shape and yellow color. In our version of “pasta e cocozza” we use roasted hokkaido and moskus pumpkin, lots of garlic, sage and heavy cream. 

Together with our handmade Reginette pasta it’s a tasty way to brave the fall temperatures and the late winter chills.

DESSERT: Homemade organic Tiramisu.

ATT: Delivery is only Copenhagen, Gentofte and Hellerup (Denmark)