“The attention to detail when it comes to processes is unlike any other book, which makes this not just a cookbook but an absolute must-have guide if you are delving into the matter head first. The reason why “Sourdough” is not just a regular cookbook, is the addition of further resources at the end of the book. From where to source the best quality flours to where you can find the equipment needed as well as how to further your knowledge of the matter.” ? Juliet Oscar Yankee magazine

The most ancient of leavened breads, sourdough is celebrated for its rustic rondure, musty flavour and the patient effort of its preparation. Nothing compares to the fragrant temptation of a freshly baked loaf: Norwegian bakers Casper Andr? Lugg and Martin Ivar Hveem Fjeld’s inspire and teach you how to make your own through simple steps and beautiful photography. Includes an introduction to making your own starter and basic bread, in addition to 15 specialist recipes and foreword by Vanessa Kimbell, founder of The Sourdough School.