PISU #04 Jasmine White

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Ceramic stoneware

Ø14 H17 cm

The PISU series consist of 8 pieces of handmade stoneware in 3 different colors - slate black, jade green or jasmine white. The matt exterior provides a soft sense while the shiny and smooth inner surface gives a wonderful play of color and contrast to each item. Each PISU has a small base, which give every piece an elegant look.

Unique colors and elegant simple shapes make the pieces in PISU the perfect complement to your dinnerware. Use colors and shapes to set your touch in the home. The idea behind “PISU” is to put together a personal expression. The cups and the small bowls fits together and form a little cocoon where small secrets can be hidden - the same idea applies for the larger pots and bowls. The PISU series is manufactured at the Danish island Bornholm at Den danske keramik fabrik.

Tips for stoneware

- Stoneware is 100% waterproof and can be used for cooking in the oven and microwave.
- The exterior on stoneware is hygienic, as it absorbs neither odor, taste nor color of foods.
- Stoneware can be cleaned in the dishwasher.