Il Biondo Olive oil



The Il Biondo olive oil, made from Tuscan olives.
The name "Il Biondo", which means "the blonde one" in Italian, was given to the former danish professional cyclist, Rolf Sørensen. 

After almost 25 years as a professional cyclist, in the 1990's, Rolf Sørensen bought an old vineyard with over 300 olive trees in the mountain city of Montecantini Alto, which lies between Firenze and Lucca.

The 400 year old stonehouse which came along with the vineyard, was restored, and became home for the Sørensen family while living in Tuscany. 

At the end of October, when the olive fruits are ripe, family, friends and the other local olive farmers take part in the harvest, where all the olive fruits are carefully harvested by hand. After harvest, the olive fruits are stored in thin layers inside airy boxes, and are transported to the local olive mill "Frantoio Olivicoltori Valdinievole" within 24 hours.

At the mill, all of the olive fruits are cold pressed carefully, which turns it into this beautiful, yellow-green and unfiltered olive oil - Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva.

0,50 L og 0,1 L