FUNKI Pot Small Plaster White



- Size Ø16 / 21 x 19 x 36 cm

The FUNKI POT series in ceramic from the LOUISE ROE collection is available in two glazes for exterior usage: Plaster White and Soil Brown. Purchasable in two different sizes: Small (Ø16-21X19X36 cm) and Medium (Ø30-35X38X35 cm), weighing 6 & 10 kg respectively.

The medium impression gracefully accommodates herbs and long grasses. The smaller version, longer and narrow in appearance, admirably habituates taller flowers. Like all our LOUISE ROE vases, the FUNKI POT is also a compelling stand-alone sculpture

The FUNKI POT, characterized by its asymmetric design, is handmade and glazed in Portugal. Accordingly, each piece is thus distinctive and unique. Hence any observable variances in weight or color intensity, merely characterize the authentic artisanship behind this peculiar creation. Here at LOUISE ROE, we value this inimitable finishing touch.


The FUNKI POT is frost proof and can therefore tolerate outdoor conditions.