FUNKI Planter Pot Rounded Sanded Grey



- Size Ø21/H18

The Funki Planter Pot series from the LOUISE ROE collection is available in two shape variations: Rounded and Asymmetric, both in the color Sanded Grey.

The Planter Pot parades a tactile impression and houses diverse vegetation for indoor use. The object's engobe ceramic glazing gifts it a rough, sanded outer exterior, complemented by its earthly and telluric charisma.

The Planter Pot is hand-molded by our specialists in Portugal, resulting in the individual and unique appearance of each piece. Noticeable variances in weight and/or color intensity are thereby solely a treasurable quality of the intricate craftsmanship.


The Funki Planter Pot can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher. Refrain from using regular kitchen cloth to wipe the pot’s sandy exterior.