FUNKI Lounge Table Raw Iron


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- 110X116 H36 cm

LOUISE ROE introduces the newest addition to the beloved FUNKI series – FUNKI Furniture. Currently available in two impressions: Raw Iron and Brushed Aluminum. The artistic array consists of stools and lounge tables, varying dimensionally.

These objects encapsulate Functionalism meeting Brutalism. The sturdy and structural metal, vastly flexible in nature, contributes to a final design that is both utilitarian and peculiar. Although coated in a transparent varnish to prevent complete oxidation and rust transfer, the pots parade a genuine and untampered facade.     

Both indoor and outdoor monumental sculptures, the larger edition admirably houses generously sized vegetation. The smaller impression functions ideally as a vase, charismatically exhibiting a seasonal bouquet of flowers. 

Hand-welded by our specialists in Portugal, observable variances in weight or color intensity merely characterize the genuine artisanship behind this special creation.