Balloon Vase 04 Petit Sanded Grey



- Size: Ø6-12 H18 cm

This piece is another take on the iconic Balloon Vase, however now in a ceramic glaze. Its tactile exterior differentiates itself from the originally soft glass impression. Hand-molded in Portugal, each object is unique and displays its own character, which we greatly admire.  

The Balloon Vase 04 can be elegantly complimented by a bouquet of flowers, however, it is characteristically also a stand-alone monumental piece of art.

This specific impression of the series, as apparent in the name, is characterised by its rough and sandy, yet soft, outer exterior, achieved using engobe ceramic glazing.

The Sanded Grey exemplifies elements of neutrality and balance. The perfect touch to a simplistic setting.


Kindly be aware that condensation might happen, so never place directly on delicate surfaces. 

Please note, this is an unglazed finish and can therefore be prone to finger prints or markings during transport. These can all easily be removed with water, dishwasher soap and a soft sponge.

This is a handmade product. This means that small differences in color and shape. We think this is the charm of the handmade craft.