IN PERPETUAL MOTION invites admirers to come to a halt and admire an artistic array of still objects exhibited in a lively manner. It is the ambience, lighting, aroma and composition of a given space, which all contribute to the memorable experience we desire to provide during 3daysofdesign.


The nature of this year’s visual theme bestows a memorable experience interplaying with bodily senses, encouraging you to admire our foundational earth - inevitably circulating and evolving.


Lighting is an essential factor to appreciate within any interior space. Our use of exposure, brightness and radiance imitates nature essentially taking a slow and deep breath. Word-for-word, we incentivize you to do exactly the same and engage with the harmonious rhythm of the light. Envision too the sun rising and setting, a fundamental and beautiful aspect of life. 


On display we have pedestals holding LOUISE ROE objects in the color Raw White, and it is these artistic pieces which will be the lightshow’s focus. You can comfortably watch the play of light using a fragment of our latest addition to the beloved FUNKI series; FUNKI Furniture. 


The FUNKI series draws inspiration from the architectural era of Functionalism. The movement encapsulates, in essence, the alternating approach to design from a visually aesthetic impetus to a more functional frame of reference.


We are excited to reveal our newly renovated space: THE ROE BAR.
At LOUISE ROE we value high-quality ingredients and our rotating menu always explores seasonal flavors. In celebration, our party which takes place Thursday, June 16th, calls for freshly made risotto and plenty of drinks.