Pillabout Table 2

Louise Roe


Pillabout Table 2

240 x 95 x 3,5 x 74 cm
- 4 different colors
- Solid oak wood

The Pillabout table is a piece of art. Not just a table top with legs. The legs and the supporting part underneath the table top has got a characteristic design. The asymmetric design brings in a contemporary piece of furniture. The two legs are different, one triangle shaped and the other a simple but elegant panel. The half of a pillar shaped sarge gives the Pillabout Table a unique and avant-garde look.

The oak wood used to craft this table comes from Danish and German Forrest’s. The wood is FSC certified and have been dried for 4 summers before being crafted. It gives the wood a perfect piece of long lasting material very suitable for crafting a solid pieces of furnitures that stays straight no matter usage and the environmental moist it will be presented for.
All work is crafted here locally in Sealand, Denmark. All optimally factors have been put in to this to end up with a very unique, sustainable and long lasting piece of furniture.

Delivery time: Aprox. 8 weeks.